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Where we're going

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Short month • Saturday, April 25th–Saturday, May 18th

Tourist visas are very strict in Europe these days, so we need to exit the Schengen zone of Europe on April 20th. Curiously, Denmark has different rules that allow us to extend our stay, so we're headed to Copenhagen for a month to enjoy the delights of Scandinavia.

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London, England

1 month • Saturday, May 25th–Saturday, June 22nd

While we're visiting some of the best cities in Europe, why not spend some time in London? We'll have a month to spend time at the British Museum, Tower Bridge, the Tate Modern, Big Ben, and more.

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London to Edinburgh

2 weeks • Saturday, June 22nd–Saturday, July 6th

We'll leave London to meander through England en route to Edinburgh. We haven't decided where to go yet, so if any Anglophiles out there have any suggestions, let us know!

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Edinburgh, Scotland

1 week • Saturday, July 6th–Saturday, July 13th

We'll meet up with Ali's mom, who is finishing up an art retreat in Edinburgh around the time we will arrive. We'll join her to travel for a bit until she heads back stateside.

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Scotland & Northern Ireland

2 weeks • Saturday, July 13th–Saturday, July 27th

We'll journey from Edinburgh through Scotland and Northern Ireland on our way to the Republic of Ireland. We're not sure where to stop, so if you have any recommendations, get in touch!

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3 weeks • Saturday, July 27th–Saturday, August 17th

We'll be working (and likely taking a bit of vacation) as we venture in a loop around Ireland. We'll probably stop by Sligo to say hi to Eddie, our longtime Irish coworker. We've heard great things about Dublin and County Clare, but we'd love your suggestions about where to go. 

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Southern France

1 month • Saturday, August 17th–Saturday, September 14th

First we'll travel to mountainous Chamonix to visit Ryan's parents (from Arizona) and his brother's family (from Hong Kong), then venture elsewhere in Southern France. Maybe we'll go to Provence? Maybe Burgundy? Maybe Bordeaux? We don't know!

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

1 month • Saturday, September 14th–Saturday, October 12th

We'll spend a week seeing the lovely canals, bike-friendly streets, amazing museums, and gorgeous buildings in Amsterdam. We're also going to meet up with our work pal Aubrey and her boyfriend George.

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Berlin, Germany

1 month • Saturday, October 12th–Saturday, November 9th

Rounding the end of another three months in the Schengen zone of Europe, we'll spend a month in Berlin. Ryan is nut for history, so Berlin is one of his favorite cities since it served as a pivitol backdrop during World War 1, World War 2, and the Cold War. It's also one of the world's most delightful, livable, and forward-thinking cities, so we'll enjoy the non-historical parts too, presumably.

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